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3. Roman Manchester. A Frontier Settlement
by S.Bryant, M.Morris & J.S.F. Walker

Chapter 1 Previous Work (J.Walker)
Chapter 2 Manchester, its early political history (S.Bryant and J.Walker)
Chapter 3 Duke Place excavations, NW corner of later forts (G.D.B Jones and P.Reynolds)
Chapter 4 Northgate excavations (S.Bryant, M.Morris, V.Tanner and J.Walker)
Chapter 5 Non-ceramic finds from Northgate (S.Rendell, R.Ryan, V.Tanner, J.Walker)
Chapter 6 The ceramic finds (J.Walker, L.Blainey and F.C.Wild)
Chapter 7 The Northgate reconstruction (P.Holder and J.Walker)
Chapter 8 Summary of the development of early Manchester (J.Walker)
Chapter 9 Aspects of Roman imperialism and its impact (J.Walker and M.Morris)
Chapter 10 Agriculture, the major industry (M.Morris)
Chapter 11 Economic and Social change under the Romans (J.Walker)
Chapter 12 The role of the frontier settlement at Manchester (J.Walker)

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