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Greater Manchester Archaeological Unit

Projects - Development Control Project Reports for 2007-8


Click to enlarge Image of Roman Altar A Roman Altar, early workers housing, warehousing and a well preserved railway turntable.
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Click to enlarge Image of Bolton Town Hall Several desk based assessments were carried out to asses the nature of sites in central Bolton.
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Click to enlarge Image of Knowsley Street Railway Excavation 19th century textile mills and workers’ housing at the Rock and Knowsley Street railway station.
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Click to enlarge Image of Castleshaw Roman Forts Slackcote, Gem and Greenfield cotton mills, prehistoric activity at Denshaw and Housing Market Renewal areas.
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Click to enlarge Image of River Street iron Works and Chimney excavation Iron works, a farmstead and surveys at Spotland Bridge, Pioneer, Victory, Mutual, Unity, and Booth Hollins Cotton Mills.
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Click to enlarge Image of Adelphi Street Dyeworks excavation Chapel Wharf, Chorlton Fold Farm near Eccles and a dyeworks and workers’ housing at Adelphi Street beside the river Irwell.
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Click to enlarge Image of Cheadle Bleach works St Thomas Hospital, Sainsbury’s,Bridgefield Street and a former medieval corn mill at Cheadle Bleachworks
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Click to enlarge Image of Buckton Castle Henry Square Ask Development area and Droylsden Wharf remains of a 19th century mill.
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Click to enlarge Image of Manor House Stable Farms on the Dunham Massey National Trust Estate surveyed to inform future management.
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Click to enlarge Image of Gin Pit Colliery excavation Gin Pit Colliery, Roman and Medieval remains and Hopecarr Hall medieval moated site near Leigh.
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